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5 Hour Energy - Point-of-Purchase Display

Graphic / Package


The project was to redesign an existing point-of-purchase display for a Concept Development class I took at Art Institute. Part of the challenge was to break down each step of the creation process, from sketching roughs, to developing the idea in layout form and finally executing it.


My process began with pencil sketches of the branding, design, and the physical display. Once satisfied with my design concept, I proceeded to test it, building a small-scale mockup to assure the design worked on the physical piece.  


So often, as designers, we try to be subtle, respectful and tasteful. It takes a departure from that line of thinking to design something that will compete in the visually crowded retail arena. I feel the bright colors, bold typography and catchy tagline would have made a successful in-store peice for this product.