Southern Nevada Children First


The Project

Southern Nevada Children First (SNCF) is a non-profit organization created to mentor, educate and support homeless, pregnant and parenting youth and young adults while providing support services to their children. As part of their site redesign I also created this video teaser, that is placed on their new Home Page to introduce new visitors to the organization and all the services they offer the community.


The video is intended to speak to young mothers in need of assistance, either in terms of housing or food, or to aid them in getting away from abusive relationships that endanger both mother and child.  I needed to convey to new visitors the support system offered by this dedicated team.  I chose music, still imagry from actual group members and a voiceover that helped lay out some facts and contact information for SNCF. The edit was assembled in Premiere Pro and After Effects.

Success Story

We moved SNCF from a static site that offered little interaction with the public and was difficult to edit. By building them a site in Wordpress, we enabled them to set up a work flow for entering new blog posts, connecting with their members and promoting upcoming events. The video serves as an online advertisement and public relations piece for the organization.