Starbucks Video Edit


The Project

This was a project I completed for a video editing class at Art Institute. The goal was to learn the interface and workflow involved in creating a motion graphic in AfterEffects. The subject matter was open, so I went with one of my favorite obsessions; CAFFEINE! The design community would collapse without this life saving elixer.


While searching for images and footage, I came across this gem. "Do You Wanna Go To Starbucks?" Originally sung by Lopez & Lopez. Musical Stuff and Acting stuff by Jené Nicole Johnson. Filming Stuff by Olivia Mowry. It's their brilliant sendup of the Frozen song, and I adapted the first section of it as a score to my 30-second video edit.

Success Story

The song is hilarious, and it was a great exercise to match the pacing and rhythm with my graphics and keep everything moving as one. I found that I truly love creating motion graphics. It's a feels wonderful as a designer to set my work free in space and time, and to see it move to music or a soundtrack.